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The Right Billing Outsourcing Solution
Are the distractions of billing and claims management taking time away from health care? Having more time and focus to manage the clinical side of your practice is a powerful benefit to you and your patients. Together, we’ll get the job done. Learn more about working with a proven, experienced medical billing service.

The struggle between payers and providers over compensation continues to escalate as payers apply more and more resources toward reducing their reimbursements. Often it may seem as if these payers are really just in the claims denial business. Most providers simply do not have the resources, focus or expertise to fight this escalating battle.

The result is that providers usually have large sums tied up in aging accounts receivable and unacceptably high write-offs, thus compensation far below what is expected – and deserved.
Many providers are forced to deal with the minutiae of their business rather than the big picture, since they do not have the tools to manage their business, make informed decisions or set strategy.

EF BUSINESS SERVICES exists to help improve your financial performance and provide you with the tools and insights to achieve your business objectives. Successful businesses leverage systems and data to set strategy, improve processes and determine which streams to target and increase revenues and profits. Healthcare providers should be no different, and EF BUSINESS SERVICES is geared to do just that – help you improve your business.

Why EF BUSINESS SERVICESis the best solution for your business:

  • Results – We offer complete medical billing, collections, and accounts receivable management, superior reporting and analysis capabilities, and a dogged determination to deliver the maximum return for you. You did the work; now let us take the hassle out of obtaining your compensation.
  • Service – We strive to exceed our customers’ highest expectations. We provide you with real-time data on your business and are always available to answer questions or help you in any way.
  • Insights – We work hard to be a seamless extension of your organization. We strive to be not only a business partner, but also a thought partner, helping you make more informed decisions, and ultimately helping you achieve your goals as both a provider and a business manager.
  • Pay for Performance – We don’t get paid unless you do.

Integrated systems and processes are the key. We are passionate about processes, because we know that a well-managed process prevents errors and maximizes the output. Most labor-intensive tasks can be systematized, which results in greater performance and translates into more money for you more rapidly. Billing errors are caught and corrected before they become problems. We catch incorrect codes, data-entry mistakes, and missing information to avoid costly delays, denials, and resubmissions.

HIPAA Regulations
Healthcare data security is not only critically important, it’s the law. EF BUSINESS SERVICES has implemented numerous security measures to ensure that your data is absolutely secure, and is in full compliance with all HIPAA guidelines on security and privacy.

Increased Accountability
We don’t call in sick; we will not leave for greener pastures. EF BUSINESS SERVICES is your partner when you need us.

More money, fewer headaches, more strategy, less administration. Best of all, you have more billable clinical time and are able to use our critical insights to take greater control of your business.

Getting Started
EF BUSINESS SERVICES will work hard to ensure that the overall transition and implementation process is handled smoothly and efficiently by seamlessly migratingthe data from your current billing system or service provider.

Interested in learning more about how EF BUSINESS SERVICES can help your business be more successful?

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