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Small business is the backbone of our nation. They create more jobs and revenue then big business. Owners understand being the first to arrive and the last to leave…..meeting payroll on Friday…..and going to bed thinking about how to generate more sales and improve profitability. Businesses with fewer than 100 employees represent 98 percent of all businesses and 88 percent of all businesses have fewer than 20 employees.

Small Business Owners Need Help
Small business owners often compete in the same marketplace with big business, often without benefit of quality legal or business consultant partnership and input. They deal with the same issues of competition, compliance, hiring and firing, often on their own, because the best legal and business counsel is neither available nor affordable.
We effectively provide small business owners with professional partnerships by hiring, training, staffing and paying attorneys and consultants in areas of business and corporate law. We’ll even send collection letters from our quality law firms to collect the monies you’re owed. We also provide consultants in the areas of tax, accounting, marketing, advertising, technology, website development and more. We’ll even provide a free website. We wrap this accessibility around their business and become their partner to help protect and grow their business.

We Can Help
Whether you have major concerns and questions regarding taxes, compliance, etc., or the daily concerns of generating more sales, hiring and firing, starting and/or marketing a website, we can help. Need contract and document review or, maybe collection letters? We can help. Review your employee manuals; are they in compliance with ADA, OSHA, ERISA and/or FACTA? We can help.

Now, a small business person can have the benefit of quality attorneys and consultants through their Business Plan Membership. And best of all, you will never be alone again!

The Cost of Not Owning a Business Plan Membership
How much will it cost to sign a contract you should have not signed or not collect monies owed to you? How will it cost not to be in compliance with OSHA, FACTA or ADA? The cost of wrong decisions because we didn’t have qualified professional input can be staggering, but we can help.

Our members feel the cost of not owning the membership is substantially more than owning
Call me for a FREE, 1-year Internet directory listing or complete and fax the attached. This is similar to a chamber listing, in that it gives you access to 1,000’s of like-minded individuals you can network and do business with. In addition, you will have access to our website for new, information, forms and tips.

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